Friday, November 6, 2009

Cartoon Friday: Yippee, Yappie & Yahooey

Hello and welcome to another edition of Cartoon Friday. Before I introduce today's feature I just wanted to mention that I don't plan on this blog being nothing but cool old video clips. I fully intend to do more features about some of the cool stuff that is now gone, or even the cool stuff from yesteryear that has survived what our society refers to as progress. I'm having fun  it would seem that I have a number of irons in the fire at the moment, so I'll be making  do with the videos for now. I just wanted you all to know that there is a lot of super cool stuff on the way. And now onto our featured cartoon (and I promise not to use the word cool again in this post).

Today's cartoon features three musketeer dogs, Yippee, Yappie & Yahooey, and in all honesty I only have a vague recollection of these characters from my youth. In fact, I just happened to stumble upon this cartoon, but the reason I picked it, is that it has nearly every classic voice and sound effect from the Hannah-Barbera cartoon stables. Even the classic wah-wah-wah-waaaah horn sound that plays when a character is humiliated is in here. I'm not enough of a cartoon geek to know the voice actor's names, but I'm certain, for example, that the secretary's voice is the same as Wilma Flintstone's. Basically, I just though it was kind of interesting that even without popular characters, this cartoons has all the hallmarks of a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Have a great weekend.

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