Friday, October 30, 2009

Cartoon Friday: Popeye's Halloween

Welcome to the Halloween edition of Cartoon Friday. I was originally going to post the Halloween special: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, but as I was starting to embed the clips (it is split into three clips) I noticed an ominous copyright notice link from the cartoon syndicate—United Features as I recall. Seems to me that if they really had a problem with it being up, they could easily have had Youtube take it down. Anyway, I'm not sure what to make of it and the last thing I need is any kind of legal troubles, so I really don't feel comfortable embedding them on my blog. However, if you want to see it here is the link to the Youtube channel where I found them.

As a replacement feature I offer a Halloween Popeye cartoon from 1954. I consider this to be right in the middle of Popeye's Golden Age, and the thing I often notice is that the settings are so cool. In this case, it's Olive Oyl's house, mostly the inside but there are a few exteriors that show a pretty nifty little bungalow. It was contemporary at the time, of course, but now it is such a rich slice of vintage awesomeness. One thing in particular, I really like is the standing ash tray, which was a pretty common item back in the days when doctors would actually recommend smoking, but now you rarely see them. Oh, and see if you notice what's missing from this Popeye cartoon.

Have a safe and very Happy Halloween.


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