Friday, February 12, 2010

Arrests Made In Cape Meares Lighthouse Vandalism

Two individuals were arrested February 11th in the case of the vandalism to the Cape Meares Lighthouse which occurred last month. Sadly, the early estimates of the cost of repairs ($50,000) was severely under estimated, and are expected to be more than $500,000! I won't rehash the whole press release, but if you like, you can read it on the Oregon Parks and Recreation Page. Any of you readers have a spare half million dollars lying around?

Anyway, here is a clip I found on Youtube which features a tour of the inside of the lighthouse before it was damaged. The noise you hear is a storm raging outside. I don't remember ever being inside of it, although I may have when I was a little kid. I always seem to find myself there in the winter months when it is closed for the season, of course, now the whole park is closed indefinitely. You can also see the Coast Guard's current light beacon, which the vandals also fired shots at. I know someday it will be repaired, but this  really makes me angry, so I had best sign off, before my temper and salty language take over.