Friday, November 20, 2009

Cartoon Friday: Sylvester & Tweety

Great Googally-Moogally! I nearly forgot about Cartoon Friday, well, actually I didn't really forget, I just can't believe it's here again already. It just seems that with the holidays coming up I've been scrambling an awful lot lately, and it was more a matter of me not realizing today is Friday already until it was almost too late.

This might be a bit early, and maybe its because I have been trying to get caught up on Christmas projects and whatnot,but here is and a classic Sylvester and Tweety cartoon with a Christmas theme called Gift Wrapped from 1952. Granny is also featured in this one—Hey! Have you ever noticed that Granny never seemed to have any grand kids around? This cartoon is the uncensored version, nothing racy to speak of, just some cartoon violence, or maybe it's just some of the gags aren't appropriate for the delicate sensibilities of today's children. Anyway, it is a great cartoon and I hope you like it.

One more thing I should mention, this one is kind of long even for an uncensored cartoon because there is also a commercial in the beginning for a doll, Beautiful Crissy, whose hair can "grow" and then go back to being shorter by turning a knob. She was kind of like a bigger Barbie doll, and I think one of my cousins had one when we were kids back in the early 70's.


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