Thursday, August 13, 2009

My First Concert: Kiss 1977

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of my first concert ever, KISS with Cheap Trick opening at the Portland Memorial Coliseum way back in 1977. I was eleven years old, and this was certainly one of the greatest events in my young life, and in fact remains one of my fondest memories, although truth be told most of that whole night is nothing but a blur of excitement and sensory overload.

This first clip is from the same year in Detroit, Michigan aka Detroit Rock City, which was the name of the song they opened the show with on this tour, and I believe for quite a few years after that.

This second clip is from the TV show, Midnight Special, which as I recall ran at about 11:30 on Saturday nights, at least in Portland. Anyway, this is from 1975, which was actually a few years before I had even heard of them, but generally the same era. The song is called She, which I believe came from their self-titled debut album (or maybe it was Dressed to Kill), but I always associate it with their first live album called Alive!, which was the first KISS album I ever owned.

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