Friday, June 4, 2010

Retro Preservationists : Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid

Have you heard of Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid? If not, I would like to introduce you, well actually this first clip will do that for me, so I'll just set it up a little bit. Back in the mid-century, many hotel bars had windows that had an underwater view of  the hotel pool, and they would often feature some type of underwater floor show as part of the evening's entertainment. They were called porthole bars and were all the rage for a time, of course, like most cool things from that era, the majority of them are gone now. Enter the lovely Miz Marina (aka MeduSirena) who is doing her part to keep the craft of the choreographed under water performance alive by both performing and teaching others how to do it. In fact, she has a whole pod of lovely mermaid apprentices. Incidentally, Marina  is a multifaceted mermaid and doesn't limit herself to just underwater performances. She's got an impressive list of talents and isn't above shedding her tail and performing on land as well. Among other things: she is a fire eater, a belly dancer, and I believe she even makes her own tails. Although I guess she would have to. It's not like she could go into Wal-Mart and say: give me a blue mermaid tail, size 3. Anyway, I just think it's so cool that she has taken this vintage craft and not only helped keep it alive, but has also breathed new life into it. Indeed, she has built upon it and added enough of her own personality and creativity so that it is truly retro, meaning that it isn't merely a rehashing of something done before, but she has honored the past and at the same time created something unique and ├╝ber special.

Marina is located in Florida, and I'm on the West Coast, so I haven't had a chance to see her live, but someday I do hope to catch one of her shows. Seriously, it's on my bucket list. Anyway, if you want to learn more about her or her shows, you can check out the Medusirena Web Page.

Watch an overview of what Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid is all about.

Marina ~ The Fire-Eating Mermaid newscast from Dawn Dubriel on Vimeo.

Watch this a little clip from 1961, which gives a quick look at Marina's predecessors.


woof nanny said...

That Florida show is on my bucket list too! If you're on the west coast (like me), check out the annual Tiki Oasis event in San Diego in August. Marina will probably be there. This year she spoke on an old mermaid show from the 60's that was in Ozarks, called Aquarama. She also did some fire eating.

Robert said...

Yeah, I wish I could have made it to Tiki Oasis, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. Hopefully next year. Thanks for stopping by, Woof Nanny.